5 sessions per week (10 hours)

A squad’s primary focus is to compete at a regional level and achieve national qualifying times. Attendance must be kept high. Workload and expectations increase further and more sets are geared towards high-performance endurance, and more race pace sets.  Learning of how to taper for competitions is also a part of the squad criteria.

Kit required: Goggles, swimming hat with spare, mesh bag, kickboard, pull buoy (fit for size), fins, hand paddles, finger paddles, snorkel and drink minimum capacity 1 ltr

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Whichever squad a swimmer is more suited the coaches and the club will look to develop the individual and look to progress there development at their pace. To manage expectations, competitive swimming can become demanding on your time and requires commitment and a belief in ability. We just want to make you aware of this so there are no surprises. Swimming is an individual sport but is also a team sport. At Blackburn Centurions we look to nurture and develop our members and will support them to achieve this. We are one big friendly club with a real competitive will to win focus.