Club Membership

Blackburn Centurions is a friendly club with a big team spirit, and competitive edge. Whilst swimming is mainly an individual sport, the club enters swimmers into a number of team events and Individual Galas throughout the year. Giving members the opportunity to be part of a team and make friends, whilst also developing their individual skills and confidence to their full potential. Several of our swimmers have gone on to compete at county, regional, and national competitions.

Our dedicated Coaches and Teachers under the guidance of our Head Coach, deliver planned sessions which focus on helping each swimmer develop their skills, stamina and speed and confidence in the sport to the fullest.

The club has recently renewed its swim mark accreditation, which demonstrates the clubs dedication to maintaining high standards for our members. 

We currently offer a limited program for swimmers who have started lessons and learned the stroke basics, but would like to develop their skills, and learn how to compete. When swimmers turn 9 they will have the opportunity to be selected for the MicroLeague North West, a team competition aimed at younger swimmers beginning to compete.  We would recommend swimmers continue with lessons alongside this programme when starting out in order to benefit from the councils/providers learn to swim program whilst honing the techniques of a competitive swimmer with the club.

Blackburn Centurions are a Swim England Affiliated Club, so when you sign up this gives you full Swim England Membership, making you part of a well-regulated governing body that is always developing initiatives to forward the sport and is dedicated to allowing all our members to achieve their full potential.

Members will also benefit from a club structure offering advice and guidance on a range of issues and assuring quality training with ASA/Swim England qualified teachers and coaches.

All members receive insurance cover which includes Civil Liability, Personal Accident and Legal Advice.

Members of the ASA/Swim England also benefit from preferential rates from a number of companies.

Blackburn Centurions are a self funded club, all our revenue comes from monthly fees, and any club fundraising events. All coaching, pool costs and training courses are paid from fees and we do not currently receive financial support from the local councils or other sporting bodies.

1)   Annual Membership Fees

There is an annual membership fee which includes the ASA/Swim England Membership Fee.  For existing members this fee is payable in January, for new members this fee is payable at the time of membership. It is mandatory.

2)   Monthly Fees

Monthly fees are paid by standing order and depends on the training group/number of sessions. When you join your swimmer’s coach will notify you of the relevant squad/group what the monthly fee for that group is.

If you/your child is new to club swimming but can confidently swim 50m in all the strokes, please contact us either: online (link), email…or by telephone…,or come down to one of our sessions and speak to any of the team. We will arrange a trial swim where a coach will have you swim laps using various strokes to assess your current abilities and recommend which group/squad training programme would be suited to develop your swimming and ability.

If you would like to come to Blackburn Centurions from another club we will arrange for you to speak to one of the coaches to ensure a smooth transition maintaining your swimmers training programme.

If there is space available within the ability level the coach recommends, you will be provided with details of the group, and asked to complete the membership forms and organise to pay/set up the membership fees in order to join the club.  Our membership secretary will then process your application and your swimmer will receive a Swim England membership number in the following weeks.