Frequently Asked Questions

Answer – To be able to swim 50m in each of the competitive swimming strokes i.e. Freestyle (front crawl), Breaststroke, Backstroke and Butterfly. However if you are a younger swimmer age 7-8 we may have space available in our rising stars group so please ask.

Answer – Please see our membership section on how to join, we offer a free trial to swimmers wanting to become a member. Link to membership page

Answer – The club currently train at 2 venues in order to provide swimmers with the required amount of sessions

  • Darwen Leisure Centre – location link
  • Daisyfield Swimming Pool – location link
  • Your coach will advise which sessions to attend
  • (Link to training Schedule)

Answer – The club holds sessions: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday evenings; and Saturday mornings

  • Your coach will advise which session you will need to attend
  • Attach copy training schedule/ link

Answer – Most of our sessions are an hour long so swimmers will need to bring a bottle of water to sessions which they can bring on the poolside

  • Footwear – please ensure your swimmer has appropriate poolside footwear i.e. flip flops to wear from the changing rooms to the pool
  • Kit Bag – Squad Swimmers will need to ensure they bring their training aids/equipment
    • Goggles
    • Kickboard
    • Training – Fins
    • Pull buoy

Answer –

  • We have our own club shop where swimmers can order personalised club kit to wear at events
  • You can see the club shop representative at one of our sessions
  • You can view and complete an online order form??

Answer –

  • As the coaches carefully consider which group would be best for the swimmer to develop their skills, they should attend all of their group/squad training sessions. Missing sessions means they may miss out on vital skills training, and delay progression in the club.
  • Please let the club know if your swimmer is unable to attend for a particular reason.
  • Training sessions are developed for the specific groups with targets set for swimmers/groups to aim for.
  • However if a session clashes with other activities please speak to their coach.

Answer –

  • It is recommended by the club that swimmers enter all of the gala’s that they qualify for where possible, this is to enable their continuing individual development, and helps the swimmer/and club track their progress and will allow them to enter future competitions.
  • Entering gala’s is a essential part of the learning process in swimming as a sport, and can really improve a swimmer’s confidence, and determination in training.
  • If you are unsure, please speak to your child’s coach who will be able to advise on what events they should enter.

Answer –

  • Swimming is mainly an individual sport, so it is up to the swimmer (or parent) to keep a record of their race times as these will be used to enter galas.
  • The club hold their own gala once a year which is a good place for beginners to enter races and record their times.
  • Parents will be emailed with details of any other Galas that the club enters, which will contain an entry form on which you will need to enter their previously recorded times for each event they want to enter and return the form with the relevant fee to the Competition Secretary/Another Club representative. Any special instructions will be included in the email.
  • If your swimmer does not have a recorded time for a particular event please ask their coach as soon as possible when you receive a gala form and they will be able to time them in training.
  • PLEASE ASK! – The process may be a little daunting for beginners, so please don’t be afraid to ask any of the club volunteers or other members if you need help.

Answer –

  • 1 or 2 costumes/shorts if you want a dry costume for the afternoon session
  • Goggles
  • Club swimming hat (mandatory)
  • Towel – 2 towels advisable so they can use one between races and a dry one for the end of the day.
  • Footwear – please ensure the swimmer has appropriate footwear for the poolside to keep their feet warm/dry between races.
  • Clothes for the swimmer to wear in between races; there can be long waits between some races, so please ensure your swimmer has dry clothes to keep them warm; shorts, t-shirt, hoody etc. Please see our club shop section to purchase club kit – (link to club shop page)
  • Plenty of drinks – Galas can be long days on a warm poolside environment so swimmers will need to keep hydrated (Water is best with maybe a diluted fruit juice)
  • Snacks – Healthy snacks to keep the swimmers nourished throughout the day such as bananas, cut fruit portions, nuts, Brunch/oat bars, and maybe a small packet of sweets.
  • A packed lunch for the swimmer, (and any spectators) if the event is a full day gala
  • Spectators can bring highlighters/pens – to find their swimmer in the program, and record the all important times!

Answer –

  • Yes Please! – Our club is run by a team of dedicated volunteers, and we are grateful for any extra help – whether you are a swim expert who can help with coaching/teaching, or a complete novice the club has many roles which assist the club run smoothly.
  • Please speak to one of the club representatives if you are able to offer any time or assistance.

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